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Sea Freight

Presence at the main customs offices in the country

  1. Ensenada, B.C.N.
  2. Guaymas, Sonora
  3. Mazatl√°n, Sinaloa
  4. Manzanillo, Colima
  5. L√°zaro C√°rdenas, Michoac√°n
  6. Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo
  7. Puerto Progreso, Yucat√°n
  8. Cd. Del Carmen, Campeche
  9. Coatzacoalcos,  Veracruz
  10. Dos Bocas, Veracruz
  11. Veracruz, Veracruz
  12. Tuxpan, Veracruz
  13. Tampico, Tamaulipas
  14. Altamira, Tamaulipas

Important Information


Sea Freight Requirements

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  1. Articles of Incorporation with power of attorney for the current legal representative and public registry of property and commerce.
  2. Federal taxpayer registry and certificate of tax situation, with its R1 and R2 modifications (only if applicable)
  3. Official ID and federal taxpayer registry of legal representative.
  4. Positive Tax Compliance Certificate (no older than 3 months)
  5. Proof of address, no older than 3 months
  6. Photographs of the property (external and internal)
  7. The original Letter of Appointment for the customs broker (with letterhead and signed by the legal representative)
  8. Approval for enrollment on the registry of importers.
  9. Register before the SAT (Tax Administration Service, by its SpanishA acronym), the Entrust Letter on the patent for the customs broker / acknowledgment and acceptance.
  10. Letter of Liability (in case of chemical products)
  11. Declaration of value (with letterhead and signed by the legal representative)
  12. Business partner letter of commitment (only for NEEC companies (New Scheme of Certified Companies, by its Spanish acronym))
  13. Questionnaire for non-certified business partners (Only for NEEC companies)
  14. In case of having a promotion program, copy of the IMMEX registry and PROSEC approval.
  15. Send us an e-mail the following files in a compressed ZIP folder: key for sending files through web services (64-digit password), private key code (password for access to VUCEM (Mexican single window of foreign trade, by its Spanish acronym), with seals for COVE (electronic proof of value, by its Spanish acronym), ‚Äú*.Key‚ÄĚ private code, ‚Äú*.cer‚ÄĚ certificate, and password for the RFC (formerly CIEC (confidential electronic identification key, by its Spanish acronym))

Sea Freight recommendations

  1. Before purchasing your goods, consult with us if it requires compliance with any special permit for its import and/or export and what is the tariff that will be applied to it.
  2. Ask your supplier for a copy of the commercial invoice, the original certificate of origin to be applied, packing list, and the original Bill of Lading and send them to us one week prior to the arrival of the vessel.
  3. Such documents must include complete fiscal information of the supplier and buyer and be properly filled in.
  4. Request your supplier for the revalidation of the bill of lading to be carried out with telex release, otherwise you must ask your provider to send you the original document which in turn you must endorse in original.A
  5. In case of FCL goods, negotiate the delay-free and storage-free days with your supplier.
  6. In case of FCL goods in a container that will be used until destination, please consider that a security deposit for the container should be placed to the shipping company, prior to clearance.
  7. Consider in advance the means of transportation to be used towards final destination.
  8. Be in close communication with us, with the purpose of streamline your customs clearances and avoid incurring in unnecessary storage and delay charges.
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