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Importing to FISCAL WAREHOUSE will bring you the following benefits:

  1. You will be able to extract your merchandise as you sell it and you will only pay the taxes on what is extracted from our Fiscal Deposit Warehouse in Hermosillo, Sonora; What allows you not to lose capital or avoid using bank credits for the payment of taxes by having to pay them in a single payment.
  2. By not decapitalizing, you will be able to negotiate more volume of merchandise at better costs or use your flow in other needs of your company.
  3. Decrease in storage costs with respect to land, sea and air customs.
  4. If you import by sea and air, you have two months to import your merchandise and thus prevent it from falling into abandonment; Importing to a fiscal deposit avoids this risk.
  5. Having your merchandise already in Mexico (Hermosillo, Sonora) allows you to deliver your merchandise more quickly.
  6. You will no longer have to rent or build warehouses and all the expenses that their operation and maintenance entails; We have storage of national and foreign merchandise under Fiscal Warehouse.
  7. Precise inventory control and elimination of ant theft in warehouses of your property.
  8. You have 24 months to extract your merchandise from the Fiscal Warehouse.